January 2021 News

We have already welcomed seven beautiful healthy Charm City babies this year! Our practice is growing and changing- we officially started the practice in January of 2020 and then the pandemic brought us a 100% increase in client inquiries and homebirth bookings before we all had our feet on the ground at 10400 Stevenson Rd. For some of us, this was our first year in practice as midwives!

Our year resulted in the following outcomes:

2020 Statistics

So many of our clients had never considered home birth to be an option for them, and we were so honored to be chosen to walk alongside them during such a stressful time. We have lots of other interesting practice statistics that we calculated, so if you are curious about something that is important to you, just ask!

We are also proud (and a little sad) to announce that we are fully booked through July 2021, with a tiny wiggle room for our repeat clients. It happened fast, so if you are considering home birth, please get in touch with us and all of your local midwives as soon as you can!

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