baltimore homebirth


We are excited to begin providing a new model of care for families in the Baltimore area, which combines the expertise, scope and flexibility of Certified Nurse Midwifery with Certified Professional Midwives who are trained exclusively in out-of-hospital birth. We have 28 years of combined and varied experience as doulas, birth photographer and midwives, having attended over 750 births in hospitals, homes and birth centers around the world.

Our Birth Package Includes:

  • All Prenatal Care – usually 8-12 visits, including one home visit at 36 weeks 
  • Prenatal Visits are 30-60 minutes long on average to ensure all your questions are answered
  • Flexible appointment times, including evenings, so they fit into your schedule with no wait time
  • In-office blood draws so you don’t need to go to a lab
  • Referrals for ultrasounds and genetic testing as desired
  • Attendance during labor and birth by two licensed midwives or a midwife and student
  • Initial newborn assessment at birth, with Vitamin K and erythromycin administration if desired
  • 3-5 postpartum visits, including two in your home: at 24-48 hours and one week postpartum. An optional 3-4 week visit and a standard 6-week visit are included. Additional visits available if desired for additional fee.
  • Regular availability from 9am-9pm on a non-emergent basis for questions and concerns
  • 24-hour availability for emergent issues and labor
  • Direct availability by phone, text, and email
  • Birth pool and equipment for waterbirth and hydrotherapy
  • No additional fee for birth assistant
  • All birth supplies are included
  • Lactation consult after birth – we cover the travel fee and they bill your insurance
  • 2 complementary chiropractic adjustments courtesy of Thrive Chiropractic


Well Woman/Gynecological/Conception and Contraception Care

As a CNM, Bayla Berkowitz is able to provide annual well-body checkups as well as:

  • Contraception counseling, prescription and management :
    - IUD placement, position checks and removal
    - Nexplanon placement and removal
    - Diaphragm fitting
    - Other contraception prescriptions and management
  • Preconception Counseling
  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • Other related services

Placenta Encapsulation

Two of our midwives, Hannah and Nikki, are professionally-trained placenta encapsulators and can take care of your placenta in various ways: encapsulation, prints, tinctures, or smoothies.

Birth Photography

Midwife Nikki’s first love is birth photography and she reserves one space per month for a birth photography client.  She is happy to photograph Charm City Midwives births at a special rate!  

If you are hoping to minimize people at your birth due to COVID-19 precautions but are hoping to have your birth beautifully documented, Nikki is able to act as birth assistant and photographer. 

Her portfolio can be seen at