Frequently Asked Questions

Home birth results in lower overall risk to the mother: fewer interventions, fewer and less severe perineal lacerations or episiotomies, lower rates of  postpartum hemorrhage, infection, and lower cesarean rates. 

Emotional benefits of homebirth include a familiar care provider, convenience to the family, the attendants of choice, and a greater sense of safety, comfort, and satisfaction. 

Multiple studies confirm that the safety of home birth relies on: thorough prenatal care, continuity of care provider through the pregnancy and birth, access to and communication with physicians and emergency care, and increased postpartum care of mother and child: things that nobody does better than homebirth midwives and their support teams! 

Homebirth care is appropriate for the majority of people having a low-risk pregnancy, including those who have had prior cesareans. Every individual pregnancy is different, and we encourage anyone who is curious about home birth to contact us or attend our monthly information sessions to learn if homebirth is right for you, and if we are the right midwives for your family!

We attend births throughout Baltimore City and out into the surrounding suburbs, within 30 minutes of our office in Pikesville, Maryland.