Three of the Charm City Midwives were involved in this birth: Nikki as doula/photographer, Bayla as midwife and Tova as assistant! We had so much fun as a team and the care was seamless, all pitching in to facilitate this beautiful family-centered birth featuring a little boy born with both hands on his cheeks.

The nuchal hands caused a long early labor- we did side lying releases and rebozo in the early morning!

When the doula is a midwife you can summon the team at the perfect time in active labor!

Incredible long fingers and elegant movements. Clearly a baby in love with his hands

Amniotic veil

We practice optimal cord clamping! This usually means that we don’t clamp the cord until after the placenta is born. This ensures that the placenta gets a chance to provide the baby as much of their blood as possible.